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4 steps to convert Elementor page to Flexbox Container

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Have you used the brand-new Flexbox Container feature in Elementor? It is very simple to convert Elementor page to Flexbox Container.

The consensus is that it's a terrific feature to make your website faster to load and more optimized for all devices.


Well, the new flex container functions a little differently from the prior sections/inner part (both on the front end and the back end). And it's these novel and unconventional methods of operation that work their charm.

You can find out about the new website-building choices that Elementor Flexbox Container offers in this blog, as well as a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize it.

It is very simple to switch from a section/column-based structure to the new Elementor Flex container. You can accomplish this by carrying out the four easy actions shown below:

1: Select the section you want to convert

Each piece needs to be converted independently. So pick the section you wish to convert first. To choose a segment, either uses the navigator or click on the six dots (you can find the option in the bottom-left corner).

2: Click on Convert to make the conversion

To convert, select the Convert to Container option found under the layout on the left panel. Then click on the CONVERT button.

3: Delete the previous section

You will discover two versions of the identical piece after the conversion procedure is finished. One is based on sections, while the other is based on containers. The version at the top is divided into sections. Delete the original/previous version.

Delete the previous section

Step 4: Update and Preview

For each portion of your page, repeat steps 1 through 3. Click the Update button to save your changes once you have finished converting all of the sections to the Flexbox container layout. The same page will now appear when you click the preview button, but with a container layout.

The end of the story

I'm sure you can see why there is so much buzz surrounding this new Elementor addition. The Elementor Flex container is a true blessing for all WordPress website builders who were looking for ways to make their websites more optimized, faster, and responsive regardless of device size.

The icing on the cake is that you can quickly convert your previously created website into a Container-based optimized website. However, the flex container is still in the testing phase. As a result, it is not advised to use it on a live website until it is published as an active feature.

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