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How To Use Elementor Flexbox Container Element?

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With Elementor Page Builder 3.6, a brand-new element called Elementor Flexbox Container has been released. Flex Container Elementor element lets you use Flexbox CSS properties to build more flexible Elementor websites. In addition, Elementor's Flexbox Container helps you to create outstanding and attractive layouts with just a few clicks and create more responsive and lean designs. Using this feature will also improve your website's performance.

Elementor Flexbox Container will replace sections, columns, and inner sections in Elementor. So, take the chance now to understand and build layouts using them.

We must first outline the benefits of using the Elementor Flexbox Container element and what it offers web designers.

After listing some benefits of Elementor Flexbox Container, let's go on to discussing how to activate this new feature.

How do I activate the Flex Container Element in Elementor?

Then, after installing Elementor in a version higher than 3.6 on your website:

1. Go to Settings in the Elementor section of your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Enter the Elementor Dashboard and select the Experiments tab.

3. Set the Flexbox Container option to Activate when you scroll down.

4. Once you've reached the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

How to use Elementor Flexbox Container?

The Container element will now be visible in the Elementor editor panel when you open any Elementor page and select the Edit With Elementor button. It can be added to the editing area by dragging it there or by clicking the addition (+) button.

Options for Elementor Flex Container Elements

With the addition of new choices, Elementor Container Flexbox gives you greater freedom and flexibility when designing and building your layout.

Let’s start with Container options:


Additionally, it adds additional group options called Items that are used with container elements:


Start experimenting and testing the Elementor Flexbox Containers features now to see if you can quickly and easily produce innovative layouts.

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