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10 eCommerce Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

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It's a smart idea to start an eCommerce website design for business in 2022 to reach a wide audience with your products and services. To boost profits, several companies are strengthening their online presence with the boom in the information sector. The process of setting up an eCommerce Website Design is straightforward. Engaging customers to use your services and purchase your products is tricky and requires smart strategies. You can convince potential customers to buy from your brand by creating an eCommerce website.


According to Statista, approximately 50% of global internet traffic is through mobile phones. Therefore, if your eCommerce website only works on desktops, you are limiting your target reach. Most users carry their phones with them at all times. Thus, eCommerce businesses must build websites that are mobile-friendly as well. Furthermore, Google ranks websites based on mobile-first principles. If your website is providing a poor user experience on mobile devices, you are likely to rank low. For your customers to have a comfortable experience, it is crucial that your website is flawless and user-friendly on mobile phones.

2. The use of low-quality product photographs

It is a common practice to post pictures of your products on your eCommerce Business Web Design. However, simply posting pictures is not enough to help your cause. Interested buyers are discouraged if your product photographs are grainy, pixelated, and in low definition. A product photo is crucial in online shopping since it gives the viewers a context and a sense of what they are about to purchase. To invite your customers, make sure your product photos are high-quality and relevant. Get creative with your website images. You can use a variety of color themes to effectively present your products.

3. Insufficient social proof

Making decisions requires validation from other people because humans are social beings. It is the same with online shopping. Your website can help customers feel comfortable, and you can do that by making them feel welcome. Customers are less likely to trust you if they haven't heard of your business. Your website can help build trust by featuring genuine customer testimonials. New customers will be more inclined to do business with you if they hear positive reviews about your offerings. The absence of testimonials from clients often makes businesses appear sketchy and untrustworthy. Don't make the same mistake with your business.

4. Bad & Confusing Navigation

People hate navigating websites. If your navigation is confusing, then people won't stick around long enough to get what they came for. The primary function of a business website is to lead potential clients to the business offerings. However, navigation can become annoying if the website has a confusing interface. Examples of confusing navigation include a lack of flow on your website.

Therefore, your website navigation must be user-friendly to make sure that visitors stay on your website and purchase something.

ECommerce Website Design

5. Slow Loading Speed

It has been observed that on average a user leaves a website in 10-20 seconds. This is more prominent in websites that have a slow loading speed. To make your customers stay on the website and convert their views to purchasing, you need to develop a web design that works smoothly. The speed of your web pages also determines your ranking on Google.

6. Not Having A Clear Purpose

Your website should have a clear purpose. If you don’t know what your business is about, how do you expect people to find out? People need to know what they are looking for before they start searching for it.

7. Poorly Written Content

If you want to rank high in Google search results, then you need to make sure that your content is well written. Make sure that you use keywords throughout your content. Also, try not to overuse keywords.

8. No Call To Action (CTA)

You need to make sure that you have a call to action on each page of your site. This means that you need to tell visitors exactly what they need to do next, The calls to action on your website should be clearly defined. Visitors need to know what they need to do to complete their purchase.

9. Too Many Ads

Advertising is great if you're making money off of it, but if you're just trying to promote your brand, then you shouldn't be using ads.

10. Bad Landing Page

Visitors will only stay on your website for a short period of time if they don't enjoy browsing through it. So, make sure that your website looks good, Landing pages are critical to your success. They help you convert traffic into sales. So, make sure that your landing page is optimized for conversion.

Bad landing page

Final Words

Your eCommerce Web Design will be flawless if you avoid the common mistakes in web design. Your business’s profitability can be increased by developing an attractive website. Hire only the best web agency in India for your eCommerce Web Design project

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